Gorilla & Chimpanzee trekking

High-impact, adrenalin-pumping, truly off-the-beaten-track! Explore Africa’s secret rainforests for thrilling encounters with the world’s last remaining great apes.

For most travelers, trekking the Gorillas ranks among one of the absolute highlights of a trip. Of all Africa's wildlife encounters little can match the experience that is gorilla trekking. And given that these face-to-face encounters take place in only a few locations and involve animals quite literally on the brink of extinction, gorilla trekking is quite rightly considered, if not a life-changing experience, then at the very least a once-in-a-lifetime one. The spine-tingling feeling that you get being so near to one of our closest relatives is hard to describe!!

Mountain Gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered apes and it is estimated that there are only 720 (approximately) left throughout the world. Almost half of these can be found in Uganda, as well as populations in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you've ever wanted to sit with mountain gorillas in their natural rainforest habitat then a Uganda, Rwanda or Congo safari will deliver on your expectations. Boasting a 99% success rate at finding habituated gorilla family groups in the extraordinary Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, gorilla trekking in Uganda has become one of Africa's most powerful wildlife experiences and such is its success that the gorilla population is actually increasing. Bwindi is home to about 300 endangered mountain gorillas (50% of the world population) Bwindi is rich in other primates, including golden and blue monkeys. Butterflies are the most conspicuous of the rich insect fauna of the park, with more than 200 species. Spend an hour with a gorilla family, observing these gentle giants in their pristine rainforest habitat before slipping away and back to your comfortable jungle lodge. A gorilla trek is wet, humid, muddy and tough but the experience is absolutely extraordinary.

Rapidly becoming a must-do Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda offers visitors an accessible and enlightening insight into life in tropical rainforests. The extensive Forests of Uganda are believed to have the greatest variety and highest concentration of primates in Africa including the red colobus, black colobus, white colobus, and the vervet monkeys. Go on guided chimpanzee treks in Uganda’s majestic forests filled with clouds of dazzling butterflies and gorgeous forest birds.

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