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  • Uganda, in an ecological nutshell, is where the Eastern Savannah meets the West African jungle- and it really does offer visitors the best of both these fantastic worlds. In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of primates with so little effort- not just the great apes, but also more than ten monkey species, as well as the tiny wide-eyed bush baby and peculiar potto.

    If you've ever wanted to sit with mountain gorillas in their natural rainforest habitat then a Uganda safari will deliver on your expectations. Boasting a 90% success rate at finding habituated gorilla family groups in the extraordinary Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Gorilla trekking in Uganda has become one of Africa's most powerful wildlife experiences and such is its success that the gorilla population is actually increasing.

    But don't think that a Uganda safari is only about gorillas in rainforests: this landlocked East African country is home to a range of diverse national parks. Head for Murchison Falls National Park , Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park, Lake Mburo National Park or Kibale National Park for classic big game viewing, chimpanzee trekking and river cruises.

    And if Uganda will have primate enthusiasts wandering around with imbecile grins, it will have birdwatchers doing cartwheels. Uganda is by far the smallest of the four African countries in which more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded, and it is particularly rich in Western rainforest specialists- in practical terms, undoubtedly the finest bird watching destination in Africa.

    A green, hilly and elevated country with many lakes and mountains, Uganda's appeal lies in its simplicity. Infrastructure is limited but growing and there is now a good range of safari accommodation and city-based hotels. Ideal for seasoned safari-goers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, Uganda's star is on the rise - combine it with Kenya or Tanzania for a holistic East African safari experience.

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